Cruïlla 2020 · Arts & Performance

Antigua i Barbuda

Thursday 2 July
Friday 3 July
Saturday 4 July
Antigua i Barbuda

Antigua i Barbuda: the machine takes over!

We often think of Cruïlla as a small city that changes its architecture year after year. In the 2019 edition, the huge sculptures by Antigua i Barbuda defined the skyline of this city, and became engraved in the memory of those who raised our heads to see them.

It’s almost impossible to come to Cruïlla and not see a big iron horse or a five-meter ballerina. Especially when the horse starts galloping and the ballerina is dancing above our heads.

The ballerina and the horse become the perfect reflection of what happens on the main stage, a huge illuminated performance that gives a new emotional meaning to the music we are experiencing live.

The ballerina and the horse might come back, the merry-go-rounds, the Ferris wheel or the bar might come back. What is certain is that Antigua i Barbuda will come back to Cruïlla 2020 to give live to all its corners.

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