Die Antwoord (Cruïlla 2017)

Die Antwoord

Welcome to the world of the craziest hip-hop duo!

Once seen, never forgotten. Die Antwoord present themselves as a two-person army, consisting of Ninja and Yo-Landi – South African antiheroes who sing for all of the world’s misfits. With their eccentric brand of rap-rave, forged from a base of lyrical irreverence and powerful rhythms, the duo advocates a strident and almost apocalyptic collective that is perfectly captured in music videos that have made them contemporary icons.

 Die Antwoord will be storming Cruïlla to present us their latest work, Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid, where they have taken their neon aesthetic, residues and eschatological satire further than ever before. Clearly they are preparing us for something huge, because while they are on stage there will be no escaping their contagious flow of energy.