Dorian (Cruïlla 2017)


Dorian offered an unforgettable performance at Festival Cruïlla 2017. If you missed it, this summer you can see the live shows of Lori Meyers, IZAL or Mi Capitán.

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A very special visit from the group who has made the most of the power of emotional indie

Marc Dorian, Belly Hernández and co ended 2016 by finishing their Spanish Diez años y un día tour: celebrating the group’s 10 year anniversary with a special album of acoustic covers of their biggest hits and a series of very special concerts. This year, Dorian are putting the icing on the cake by paying a visit to their countless Mexican fans, who have staked a claim to the emotional pop hits and electronic waves that the group has perfected over the years, in particular “Cualquier otra parte”, “Solar”, “La tormenta de arena” and “Te echamos de menos”.

It is safe to assume, then, that at the moment, Dorian are finishing off a very important chapter in their story. Their trip to Cruïlla will be a great opportunity to see these indie icons at a unique moment –enjoying the fruits of their labour and still with a sea of possibilities ahead of them.