Cruïlla 2021

Ebri Knight

Ebri Knight

Ebri Knight: struggle, fire and comraderie!

Ebri Knight are folklore and rooted music. They’re ska and Celtic tradition, music to sing arm by arm and fist up in the air. Ebri Knight are struggle, fire and comraderie.

6 musicians onstage making a hectic performance. Flutes, mandolins, violins, drum sets, guitars, bass guitars and voices: the band from Argentona is all these things.

They’ve sold out venues in Barcelona, they’ve performed all around Spain and even in the St Pauli’s field, in Hamburg. And all their fans will come sing along at Cruïlla 2021.

Following Guerrilla and La Voz Dormida, the band keeps up to an album per year and will surprise us with a new LP in 2020.