Cruïlla 2020

Gwen Stefani

Saturday 4 July
Gwen Stefani

Kick in the door: Gwen Stefani sneaks in Cruïlla 2020!

When Eric Stefani called Gwen Stefani to ask her to sing in a band called No Doubt, he couldn’t imagine that soon his sister would become the voice the band needed, a diva in a sea of punk guitars, ska rhythms and funk basses.

Gwen Stefani soon became the undisputed leader of No Doubt. Her melodic voice is the main reason for the success of hits like Just a Girl or Don’t Speak, a song inspired by her breakup with the band’s bass player.

Whether you like No Doubt or Gwen Stefani’s solo career, come to sing at the top of your lungs on Saturday, July 4th at Cruïlla 2020. It will be a show to remember and an unique opportunity to see a 90s icon.

Buy here your ticket for Saturday, July 4th or, if you’d rather live the whole experience, get the full festival pass:


Gwen Stefani’s career exploded with No Doubt’s album Tragic Kingdom, but to this day her solo career is as solid as the band’s was. Cool, Hollaback Girl, The Sweet Escape… Her solo hits are closer to hip hop and electronic music, but always showing Gwen’s cheekiness and pride, someone who enters with a kick in the door wherever she goes.

Gwen Stefani is the soundtrack of the 90s because she has played the most iconic genres of that era, and because she has an undeniable sixth sense to create hits: everything she touches turns into gold.