with The Mouse Hunters

Friday July 5 at Cruïlla Festival

Iseo & Dodosound

Friday 5
Starts at 02:00:00
Radio 3
Iseo & Dodosound

Digital and open-minded reggae

Until recently, you couldn’t consider Navarra as a hotspot in the reggae world map. But this changed five years ago, when Iseo & Dodosound crossed their paths.

Two underground musicians, fond of Jamaican sounds and willing to turn the genre upside down with a personal touch. Together, they explored dancehall and dub music through electronic, with Iseo’s charming voice as the main attraction. Some talented songs and a few homemade videos did the rest: the duo turned into a viral sensation with their debut Cat Platoon and with their second record, Roots in the Air.

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The artist couple ended up becoming a reggae authority for a whole generation in Spain, a generation that discovered the connections of reggae with pop and R’n’B.  Iseo & Dodosound are, therefore, an invitation to reggae, a door that will open in Cruïlla Festival and will let us into an endless sound universe.