Juanito Makandé + Antílopez

Saturday 9 November
Starts at 20:00:00
Poble Espanyol. Escenari Vallformosa

The broken voice of pure flamenco

“I once saw you in a bar and you told me you were moving to Madrid to chase your dream”. This is the first comment on one of Juanito Makandé‘s songs on Youtube, posted by Lucía. It seems pretty clear now that Makandé accomplished his goal: now, every time he uploads a song, millions of people listen to it.

Maybe it’s his broken voice, pure flamenco, or maybe it’s because of all the art that there’s in his guitars. Or maybe it’s just that we deeply relate to the emotions in his lyrics, simple and honest feelings that normal people experience. Truth is that Makandé now is, as he likes to say, ‘a free song-writer’.

On November 9th Juanito Makandé will close his tour in Cruïlla de Tardor, a unique oportunity to discover him live.

Antílopez will be the supporting artist, a duo of great musicians that make good use of comedy to earn the love of thousands of followers!

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