Always Drinking Marching Band + Rolling Vibes Collective

Marching Bands

Wednesday 3
Starts at 20:45:00
Cruïlla Village

A party on the move

You hear a drum, then a trumpet and, finally, a saxofon or a trombone. And suddenly, you are in the middle of a party. Cruïlla’s marching bands are an endless source of good vibes. But the best thing about them is not their  amazing energy, it’s that they spread it all around. They are a merry orchestra on the move, a celebration that never stops.

Always Drinking Marching Band and Rolling Vibes Collective come back to the festival for their second year in a row! So, on July 3rd, put on your most comfortable shoes because, in between AURORA and Black Eyed Peas concerts, we’re going to walk around Parc del Fòrum dancing and jumping in a huge party.