Cruïlla 2021

Perotá Chingó

Perotá Chingó: the non-planned authenticity

Dolores and Julia never dreamed of becoming stars or forming a professional band. The fame came alone! They are the clear example of how the Internet can change your life in a short time.

In 2011 while the two friends were travelling around Uruguay with only their own voices, a guitar and an empty hat, they decided to record and upload to Youtube Ríe Chinito. Thereforce, this song will start to accumulate hundreds, thousands and millions of reproductions in order to become a phenomenon on the net. Since then, the history of Perotá Chingó has been written in the form of more songs, albums, international tours and thousands of followers.

The Argentine band will be playing at Cruïlla Festival, presenting their latest work, Muta, which explores the depths of South American folklore while experimenting with more electronic sounds and beats.

Despite the change in their lives, they continue to defend a self-managed and independent model. They are still those “hippies” of the Ríe Chinito sunset, but now Perotá Chingó share their music in theaters, venues and festivals around the world.