SFDK + Anier

Friday 8 November
Starts at 20:00:00
Poble Espanyol. Escenari Vallformosa

Come celebrate 25 years of pure hip hop

Just like Wifly, the naive boy that grew up to become the fear of the thugs, the band from Sevilla SFDK has become one of the most respected figures in the Spanish hip hop scene.

SFDK is pure hip hop with values, the rhymes that many of us grew up with. SFDK is the genius Acción Sánchez on the beat and the master Zatu on the mic, the voice of a generation and that Andalusian purity that we all love.

The band will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in Cruïlla de Tardor, on November 8th at Poble Espanyol, in Barcelona. For the same price you will see Anier live, the young rapper that is earning the respect of the whole scene with raw old school hip hop, straight from the block, aiming her lyrics straight to our hearts.

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In a time when rappers use autotune filters and playback, SFDK and Anier both choose a fierce live show like the ones we used to see.

“I want to live with the hope of 25 more years of SFDK alliance”, Zatu says in Yo estuve allí, his last song. Far from retiring, it looks like SFDK is stronger than ever.