Cruïlla 2021



Siloé: levitate and come here

Siloé is one of those bands that know how to keep you more time flying through the air than on the ground. An explosion of indie pop and dance music touched by the unstoppable voice of Fito Robles.

Music thought and created to feel and dance. All the passion of Vetusta Morla and all the energy of Izal. Única is the first preview of their new album, a song that announces a definitive turn towards electronic music.

You can start learning the lyrics now: we will have them live for the first time at Festival Cruïlla 2021.

Siloé debuted in 2016 with the album La Verdad and then released La Luz, an LP whose tour made them achieve a few sold outs in Spain. It was then when the musical project, initially created as a solo by Fito Robles, became a duo with the DJ and producer Xavi Road. The circle was closed with the incorporation of sound engineer Óscar Herrador, who introduced electronic music into the original compositions.