Cruïlla 2021

Tom Walker

Saturday 10 July
Tom Walker

Tom Walker: the light that guides us

A house on top of a hill is the only light in a dark night. A drug addict goes towards the house, an old acquaintance who does not know where to go. They do not look for treatment, just for a little bit of empathy. In the house with the light on Tom Walker awaits, and he will leave the light on until his best friend finds it.

That’s the story behind I Will Leave a Light On, the heartbreaking song that put Tom Walker in radios all over the planet, that was a number 1 hit in 17 countries and a platinum album in other 15.

He manages his young voice like a veteran, his songs exude passion and truth. Listening to Tom Walker at home will make you emotional, listening to him live can turn into an overwhelming experience. Come check it out on July 10th at Cruïlla 2021.

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Born in Scotland but raised in Manchester, Tom Walker has worked wholeheartedly in his career as a singer-songwriter until he played the right keys. And now that he has found them, he will continue to play them.

Because his last songs, like Better Half Of Me, are moving and touching hits, the kind that you cannot hear live without getting the shivers.