FAQs about cashless

Refund of the wristband's remaining money

The money left on your wristband after Cruïlla will be refunded to you automatically and commission-free a few days after the end of the festival.

If the remaining amount is less than €2, it will be donated to Clowns Without Borders. If you don’t want to donate, you only have to top up more than €2 before the end of the festival and then the refund will be made in full automatically.

How do I pay in the Cruïlla venue?

The only method of payment inside the Cruïlla Festival is the cashless wristband. Create a personal account, link your ticket and top up your cashless wristband before coming to the festival.

If you haven’t activated your cashless wristband yet, follow the steps HERE.

When and where can I pick up my wristband?

When you arrive at the venue on the first day and show your ticket, we will place the cashless wristband on your wrist and you will have available the money you previously topped up. You will have to wear the wristband during your whole stay at the festival.

If you have a Friday, Saturday or Weekend Ticket, you can also pick up your cashless wristband at the Parc del Fòrum on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th from 5pm to 10pm.

You can only pick up your own wristband, which will be placed on your wrist when you show your ticket and you will have to wear it until you leave the venue on the last day.

I have tickets for myself and others: How do I link the wristband?

If you have purchased tickets for you and other people (adults), it is necessary for each attendee to create their own personal account with their email and link it to their ticket with the unique code on each ticket.

I have tickets for different days, how do I link them to the wristband?

In case you have two day tickets, you must follow these steps:

  1. Create your cashless account with the barcode of the first day ticket.
  2. The first day you come to the festival, we will link your first day wristband so you can enter and pay with the cashless wristband inside the venue.
  3. The second day you come, we will scan and link the second day wristband so you can enter the festival, but you will still pay with the first day wristband. Do not remove the first wristband until the festival is over.
How do I add a child ticket to my account?

In order to add a child to your personal account, you must log in to your account and choose the option “Add a child account”. Once you have done this step, you must enter the child’s personal data and the barcode of their ticket.

During the festival, how do I know how much money I have left?

Each time you make a payment inside the venue, you can ask how much money you have left on your wristband.

You can also check this information at any time in your personal account.

What do I do if I run out of money during the festival?

You can top up money into your wristband at any time, always through your personal account. Click HERE to access your account.

There will be no physical charging points at the venue. If you have any problem, there will be staff at the festival to help you.

If you did not find the answer to your questions about cashless,
please send us a mail to: festival@cruillabarcelona.com