FAQs about the tickets

Which are the official sales points?

The authorised sales points are website of Cruïlla, Tiquet Rambles (La Rambla St, 99, Barcelona) and the ticket offices at the festival.

  • The Tiquet Rambles opening times are: Mon-Sun from 10AM to 8:30PM.
  • The ticket offices at the venue will be open during the festival from 5:30PM.

The Organization does not guarantee ticket authenticity if tickets have not been purchased at the official selling points. Resale of tickets is forbidden. The festival organization does not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of tickets.

Is there ticket sale at the venue?

If there are tickets available, you will be able to purchase them at the ticket offices in the venue during the days of the festival. The ticket offices will be open every day of the festival from 5:30PM.

Where can I collect my wristband?

From the 9th to the 12th July, you may exchange any kind of ticket for an official wristband at the Movistar store in Plaza Catalunya, 16.

Each person will be able to collect only their own band (not anyone else’s). The band will be tied to your wrist and you will need to keep it on until the end of the festival.

The exchange times at the Movistar store are:

  • Monday 9th: from 12PM to 9PM.
  • Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th: from 10AM to 9PM.
  • Thursday 12th: from 10AM to 2PM.

You may also collect your wristband at the checkpoints in the festival entrance.

Learn more about your smart wristband HERE.

Can I change the name of the ticket holder?

Our sales system doesn’t allow any name changes in the tickets. If you cannot attend the event, give your ticket to someone you trust and hand them a signed authorisation showing your full name and your ID card number or passport number.

The ticket resale is not allowed and Festival Cruïlla will not take responsibility for the tickets purchased through non official channels.

I have not received the tickets on my email

The tickets may take a few minutes to appear in you inbox. It is normal if you don’t see them immediately.

Please, check if the amount of the tickets was charged in your bank account. In case the charge does not appear, probably your purchase did not go through.

If you were charged with the tickets but you do not receive them after 15-20 minutes, please check your spam folder and your Promotions and Social folders if you are a Gmail user.

If you still do not have your tickets after an hour, please send an email to festival@cruillabarcelona.com specifying the email address you used to make the purchase and your purchase order number, in case you have it.

I lost my tickets

If you don’t find the PDF with your tickets, please send an email to festival@cruillabarcelona.com specifying the email address you used to make the purchase and your purchase order number, in case you have it.

Do minors have to pay for a ticket?

Minors aged 15 or younger do not need to pay for a ticket in Cruïlla, provided that they enter the venue with their father, mother or legal guardian.

Their parents or legal guardians must sign an authorisation for each minor under 15. Read more about our minors policy and download the authorisation HERE.

Can I share my full-pass ticket with someone else for a specific day?

Cruïlla full-pass tickets are personal and non-transferable. When you enter the venue for the first time, you will receive a wristband that you need to wear throughout the festival. This wristband cannot be shared with anyone else.

Can I buy a ticket for a single concert in Festival Cruïlla?

We only sell day tickets and full-pass tickets. It is not possible to purchase a single-concert ticket, since all the shows take place the same venue.

Can I get a refund on my tickets?

According to our ticket policy, the tickets will be refunded only in the event of a cancellation of the festival.

Are there VIP tickets on sale?

We do not have VIP tickets available. We believe that every attendee are equally important and we like to offer a VIP experience to every customer.

Is there any discount available?

We have discounts for different groups: unemployed people, those accompanying a person with reduced mobility, big groups and tickets for companies. 

Read more about our discounts HERE.


If you did not find the answer to your questions about the tickets, please contact us.