Ticket’s Terms&Conditions


I accept that, in my own name and representation, I have acquired tickets to attend the CRUÏLLA XXS festival, organized by BARCELONA EVENTS MUSICALS, S.L. (from now on CRUÏLLA BARCELONA), which will be held during the month of July 2020, and by means of this document, I RESPONSIBLY DECLARE that


1) I am aware of the health emergency caused by the infectious disease COVID-19, the symptoms and consequences associated with the disease, as well as the recommendations of the health authorities regarding the measures of isolation and social distance as the most effective way to avoid exposure to the virus.


2) I have been informed by CRUÏLLA BARCELONA of the organisational and preventive measures implemented and the guidelines to be respected by users during their attendance at the CRUÏLLA XXS festival in order to minimise contact between people and reduce the chances of contagion of the disease, and I undertake to scrupulously follow all the rules, indications and instructions indicated by CRUÏLLA BARCELONA.


3) I (or someone who has a ticket associated with my purchase) will not attend or will not attend CRUÏLLA XXS if I have symptoms compatible with COVID-19 or have to stay in home isolation because of a diagnosis of COVID-19 or because I have had close contact with someone with symptoms or diagnosed with COVID-19.


4) I assume that attendance at CRUÏLLA XXS festival implies a risk of exposure to COVID-19, which involves a risk of infection that may result from actions, omissions and/or negligence on your part or on the part of others, and that complications and physical and psychological sequelae, such as future serious illness, personal injury, permanent disability and even death, may result from the spread of the disease. And I will pass this on to the people who have a ticket associated with my purchase)


5) I voluntarily accept the assumption of the risks described in point 4) above and expressly release CRUÏLLA BARCELONA from any responsibility for the possible contamination of COVID-19 by the signatory.