What’s there to eat at Cruïlla 2021?

Savouring art is a pleasure. You can get carried away by an emotional song or slowly take in a really good show. But, let’s be honest, art feeds the soul but not the stomach. And since we here at the Cruïlla Festival don’t want you to miss a thing, we offer you once again a very diverse gastronomic offer to satisfy your hunger!

Welcome to the Gastroteca by Cruïlla!

In this new edition of the festival, Cruïlla and Gastroteca.cat partner up to unveil a gastronomic proposal that is built around three main axis: proximity, quality and diversity.

There will be more than 30 food trucks, all of them working with food from Catalan farmers, which will ensure the presence of local, seasonal and quality products in our festival, in many cases with ecological certification. And, of course, once again, with a menu full of options for everyone, with suitable options for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-intolerant people.

In the Gastroteca by Cruïlla, the culinary proposals of the food trucks are met with various wines from our territory represented under the slogan ‘Catalonia, Land of Wine’ thanks to the collaboration of Incavi and DO Catalunya with us.

Cruïlla Festival 2021’s foodtrucks

Las Muns – Whole lotta meat pies

With several shops in Barcelona, Las Muns have become a successful food business in the city specialising in the production of original empanadas (pies) with excellent quality, made with vegetables from the Baix Llobregat Agrarian Park.

Q Street Food – Pulled and flavours from around the world

Serving their food from an old American truck, Q Street Food offers pulled pork and signature meat sandwiches, inspired by Asian culture and using beef from local farmers.

Indi Food Truck – Hot dogs: the universal street food meal

Hotdogs are probably the quintessential universal street food meal. Indi Food Truck serve theirs with crafted artisanal sausages made in the catalan village of l’Arboç.

Laufer – Catalan sausages from Vic

Winner of the Spanish Food Trucks Championship, Laufer offer you their elaborate botifarras, catalan sausages made with pork meat from the plain of Vic and Eco-beef hamburgers made from cows raised in the Pyrenees.

La Porchetta – Authentic Italian Porchetta

A recipe that originated in central Italy, porchetta is a specialty consisting of flavoured pig roast served with spices and herbs, and this year our friends at La Porchetta also serve it with extra virgin olive oil from Les Garrigues.

Bye Bye Blat – Pizza and gluten-free food

Specialized and certified for gluten-free food production and service, Bye Bye Blat provides pizzas, croquettes and gluten-free hamburgers made with beef from the Pla de l’Estany.

Hanna Healthy Food Caravan – Menjar saludable: verd i vegà

Hanna Healthy Food Caravan offers us a menu focused on vegan cuisine service with vegetables, cereals, legumes and fruits collected by the finest local farmers.

Fileteando – Eco-Beef burgers from the Berguedà

Probably the first food truck in Catalonia to serve ecofriendly and proximity hamburgers, Fileteando is a benchmark food truck for markets and festivals from all over the world and continues to be so with its very own Eco-beef from the cottage of Salt del Colom in l’Espunyola.

Indakalma on the road – Wraps & Roll with Garrotxa ingredients

Born with their mind set on sustainable economy, Indakalma builds a culinary proposal inspired by their trips around the world, but with their meat and vegetables coming from their local environment, the Garrotxa county.

La Moderna – Crepes made with merry chickens’ eggs

Since the 1980s, La Moderna have been in fairs, markets, and festivals from all around offering artisanals crepes with natural and local ingredients. This year at Cruïlla they will be making them with organic chicken eggs from Tofaroques d’Osona.

Chuchy Hot Dog – Hot dogs with the bread of Catalonia’s Best Bakery of 2021

Fresh and with very high quality. Chuchy Hot Dog simply provides the ultimate hot dog. A young and informal joint that works alongside butchers, bakers and artisanal and local providers to bring to you the best ingredients to elaborate your custom hot dog.

Yon Wang Xef i Cuina – Sushi and makis with rice from Pals

Yon Wang is a Chinese cook based that established himself in Girona a long time ago. His food truck serves noodles, currys, sushis, makis and all kinds of genuine asian street food to enjoy in every sense (and of course, made from local products).

Cal Pastor Foodtruck – Tacos with ingredients from Pla d’Urgell

Thanks to two passionate young cooks Cal Pastor Foodtruck was born, a young project with a keen eye on sustainability and specialized in Mexican cuisine, with its signature vegan tacos and totopos.

The Craftmans Food Truck – Pulled pork from Girona

Rustic bread and original recipes are the main trademarks of The Craftmans Food Truck‘s menu, with their pulled pork meat made from animals in a small farm in Riudellots de la Selva also being a main product of theirs.

Street Rols – Ecofriendly chicken burgers

Its unique bread, its slow cuisine, and the merging of design and cooking form the recipe for Street Roles‘ success. This year we’ll be able to enjoy their classic ecofriendly chicken hamburgers made from Tarragona.

Ca la Frida – Piadines and sandwiches with Girona’s products

No, they’re not tacos. What they serve at Ca la Frida are delicious piadines and signature sandwiches with the Made in Girona seal, where pork, beef and chicken meat comes from small farms from the area.

Nómadas Pizzeria – Pizza and organic products

For many years now, Nómadas Pizzeria have been working exclusively with organic food and long-fermented masses. A proof of their commitment to organic and local products is the fact that the Cooperativa Hortec will also supply them with eco-friendly vegetables.

La Xixuneta – Artisanal ice creams made with local milk

La Xixuneta arrives at the Cruïlla to bring us the ice creams from the historic Xixovic ice cream store in the city of Vic. Their ice creams are made from fresh cow milk of the Comas Farm in Santa Eugènia de Berga. They, of course, come in many flavours, such as the ratafia ice cream, with the taste of the traditional catalan spirit.

Creperia Take Away – Natural and organic crepes

They bring a specialized proposal in artisanal and natural crepes with honey and confitures from local producers: their honey coming from Osona and the confitures from Cal Benet d’Alpens.

MotherWok – Corazón Verde – Cuina asiàtica amb horta del Maresme

Asia will be represented at the Gastroteca thanks to MotherWok – Corazón Verde, where this year a very important part of their menu, the vegetables, will come from the Horta de Pla de Munt, a plain where organic products are grown located just outside Barcelona, in the Maresme county.

Corazón de Ágave – Mexico, millenary cuisine

Nachos and burritos will be present, too, at the Cruïla thanks to one of the foodtrucks that best represent Mexican cuisine in our local markets. Corazón de Ágave will be cooking their cochinita pibil with pork from Girona and will serve it wh¡ith cheese from the Cooperativa Cadí.

Trucktoria di Asti – Meatball paninos with beef from the Ripollès

Thanks to Simone, an Italian cook who established himself in Catalonia, the Trucktoria di Asti shows up at the Cruïlla with their trademark paninos made with beef meatballs.

La Moreneta FoodTruck – Burgers from the Pyrenees

La Moreneta Foodtruck are specialists in quality beef hamburgers. This year, their beef comes from the brown cows of the Pyrenees at Mas el Pinós, an ecological exploitation in the Ripollès county.

Piel de Gallina – 4.0 Chicken

Piel de Gallina, as those of you who understand a little bit of spanish will have guessed, base their menu around chicken, with an urban and modern concept that they’ve replicated in their several shops in Barcelona and which serves exclusively chickens raised in the Empordà region.

M2 Gluten Free – A gluten-free menu

With its own establishment on the famous Diagonal Avenue in Barcelona, M2 Gluten Free offers an ecologically certified gastronomic proposal, completely gluten-free and inspired by the Mediterranean diet.

Canalla Urban Food – Hamburgueses d’autor

One of the Barcelona’s landmark foodtrucks, with local beef hamburgers and traditional signature cuisine. Their tacos and their classic pulled pork will delight the most exquisite of our visitors.

La Família Xurreria – Porras fried with extra virgin olive oil

In La Família they fry all of their meals, such as their churros and porras, with extra virgin olive oil. A small but great detail, which causes their products to be light, crisp and ultimately delicious.

Dvina Croqueta – Local cuisine from the Solsonès

At Divina Croqueta Food Truck they cook exclusively with products that come from the Solsonès region, whether they are their excel·lent croquetas or their other meat products, all coming from the Casa Pla d’Abella farm.