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3 Day pass

From here you can buy the 3-day pass at a offer price of 90 € (+ fee).

You can also donate 2€ for Amnesty International when you purchase your tickets.

>>1000 first tickets at 35€ ( until 17 de July): SOLD OUT
>>Tickets at 45€ ( until 15 Desember): SOLD OUT

>>Tickets at 55€ ( until 8 February): SOLD OUT 
>>Tickets at 70€ ( until 17 March): SOLD OUT
>>Tickets at 77€ ( until 13 April): SOLD OUT


One day tickets

Friday 10th of july: 55 €(+ fee)
Saturday 11th of july: 55 € (+ fee)
Sunday 12th of july: 25 €(+ fee)

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Remember to bring your ID when entering Cruilla Barcelona as your ticket will be scanned for verification and the organization may ask you to prove the ticket is yours. 

All communication must be by email.
VAT is included in the price.Children up to 15 years of age can enter the Festival as long as they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.
(Read conditions)

Daily program

cruilla dia

Music & fight

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