The Cruïlla Festival is an artistic experience that goes beyond music.

That’s why, once again this year, we are including in the programme other artistic disciplines and forms of expression off the stage. Introducing Cruïlla Arts!

Illustration: El Estafador’s satire

Humour and criticism come together as vignettes drawn by El Estafador. Thanks to Disseny Hub Barcelona, magazine brings to Cruïlla a sample of everything they can do with just a pen: 18 illustrators will join their talent to create a collaborative mural and perform live illustrations during the days of the festival!

Design: we reinterpret Cruïlla

Cruïlla is Barcelona. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Estrella Damm to ask 8 of the city’s leading design studios to offer their vision of the Cruïlla image. The result? 8 alternative posters that will fill the streets of Barcelona, and a unique exhibition that you’ll be able to see during the festival!

Dance: Brodas Bros come to light up the dancefloor

In the performance section, the international hip hop, dance and urban culture company that is Barcelona’s reference could not be missing. The Brodas Bros have conquered the public everywhere with their groundbreaking choreographies, and on the 8th and 9th of July they will be bringing their Ejército de la Luz show to the Cruïlla, where the synchronisation between costumes, music and movement that characterises them so much will leave us dazzled!

Photography: tributes and urban landscapes

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why this year we are incorporating two photojournalism exhibitions that have a lot to say.

Firstly, a tribute exhibition to Xavier Mercadé’s work, the photojournalist and founder of ENDERROCK who dedicated his life to capturing the essence of the live music scene.

We will also have the CitiesToBe Photo Award exhibition, a sample of the best 50 images from the international photography competition that seeks to reflect on contemporary global challenges through urban landscapes. CitiesToBe is a knowledge platform promoted by the expert urban innovation consultancy Anteverti.

Installations: the Meet&Greet of the future

Want to take a photo with your favourite artist at Cruïlla 2022? Thanks to Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Barcelona’s holographic laboratory Newtonlab Space you can! Well, they may not be the artists in the flesh, but thanks to their new Holographic Meet & Greet experience you’ll be able to meet their holograms and no one will know the difference!

This experience will allow you to take photos and videos with a life-sized holograms of some of your favourite artists and share it on social media!

Street Art: bring back the graffiti

Once again this year, urban artists return to the festival to paint portraits of the headliners, unique interpretations of the Cruïlla 2022 main artists that will be completed as the festival progresses.

And the Main Stage is also ART!

The Estrella Damm Stage is the nerve centre of the Festival. And a unique festival must have a stage to match. La força del vent is the new stage creation by Lluís Danés. With it he wants to express that the strength of the people, singing and dancing and leaving behind masks and distances, moves the world, like the wind moves the windmills.