Festival Cruïlla 2024 - from 10 to 13 July at the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona

Cruïlla Festival

The Cruïlla Festival will be held from 10 to 13 July 2024 in Barcelona’s Parc del Fòrum. An emblematic city and an unbeatable setting: in the open air and facing the sea. It is an unrepeatable experience. Based on music and accompanied by arts, comedy, gastronomy and more.

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Cruïlla 2024

Every concert at the Festival


All the comedians taking part in this year's Comèdia!


Discover this year's Street Art artists!

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Compromís Social

Descobreix totes les accions que duem a terme com a festival per convertir-lo en un espai que convidi a la reflexió, alimenti l’esperit crític, sigui obert a tothom i faci sentir com a casa tothom qui en formi part.

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Cruïlla has been working for years to reduce the environmental impact of the festival to a minimum. We are moving towards a zero waste festival and minimising our environmental footprint.

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Social Commitment

Discover all the actions we carry out as a festival to turn it into a space that invites reflection, nourishes the critical spirit, is open to everyone and makes everyone who takes part feel at home.

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Cruïlla Concerts

Don't stop the music! Discover all the Cruïlla concerts that will take place during the year in Barcelona's venues.