FAQs about the venue

What will Cruïlla Festival 2023 be like?

Cruïlla 2023 is a music festival that will be held in the Parc del Fòrum, an outdoor venue with space for dancing and jumping, but also with areas to relax.

In the venue you will find all kinds of concerts and activities, as well as bars to order drinks and gastronomic areas with tables and food offer. All concerts will have their usual duration, between 75 and 90 minutes.

Which are the performance set times?

The opening hours of the festival are: Wednesday July 5 from 4:30pm to 11:30pm. Thursday July 6, from 5:30pm to 1:00am. Friday 7 and Saturday 8, from 6:00pm to 5:00am.

You can check the set times of all musical performances and Cruïlla Comedy HERE.

Map of the venue

Can I exit and enter the venue again?

You will be able to leave and enter the venue during the following hours: Wednesday 5, until 11:00pm. Thursday 6, until 0:30am. Friday 7 and Saturday 8, until 4:00am.

How to arrive and leave the venue

Check all transport options HERE.

Reduced mobility

Fòrum is fully adapted to reduced mobility people and all the stages have a reserved area.

In addition, reduced mobility people can get in to the venue using a fast track located to the left of the entrance zone.

Location of the reserved areas:

  • Estrella Damm and Oxfam Intermón stage: next to the sound tower.
  • Vueling Stage: at the top of the bleachers and next to the sound tower.
  • Johnnie Walker Stage: at the back of the tend.
  • Vallformosa Stage: at the top of the bleachers and left of the stage.
What food will I find at the Festival?

This year, you will find all kinds of gastronomic proposals: 14 restaurants and 8 food trucks with a wide range of food and vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free options.

You can also make a pre-reservation of menus before the festival, every midnight the pre-reservation for the next day’s menus closes. For example, if you want to book a menu for Saturday you can do it until Friday at 11:59pm. Book your menu HERE.

In the bars you will find gluten-free and non-alcoholic beer.

Can I bring some food?

Food may be brought in, but not cutlery or glass containers. The only beverages allowed are 33cl water bottles without caps.

Reusable bottles (plastic, glass or metal) cannot be brought into the venue.

Allowed objects in the venue

Professional cameras or video cameras, motorcycle helmets, selfie sticks, large bags or suitcases, scooters, skateboards or bicycles, chairs or stools are not allowed. Animals are also not allowed on the venue.

Reusable bottles (plastic, glass or metal) cannot be brought into the venue.

Motorcycle helmet locker

At the entrance of the venue will be installed a locker where only motorcycle helmets can be left. The price per helmet will be 2€.

Lost & found

Whether you lose something or find it, go to the information point of the festival. There you will find the objects lost during that day.

If you lost something the day before, the next day you will have to go to the festival’s locker, located at the entrance of the venue.

Are there water fountains on the venue?

We have set up 4 water fountains on the venue, remember to stay hydrated during the hottest hours of the day!

Medical care on the venue

You will find the RACC medical care truck next to the Vueling Stage, at the top of the bleachers.

No Callem (We Won't Keep Quiet)

This year we are once again adhering to the No Callem (We Won’t Keep Quiet) protocol, the Barcelona City Council’s plan created to respond to any sexual aggression or abuse in nightlife environments.

You will find the No Callem stand in the center of the venue, next to the help desk point and the artists’ merchandising.

Reusable and returnable cup

As a novelty of this edition, all the cups that will be used at the festival will be reusable and returnable and made of polypropylene. The first time you order a drink at the bars, you will have to pay €2 with your wristband for the rental of the cup, which will be refunded when you return it.

There will be 10 mobile carts and 3 fixed return points distributed throughout the venue so you can return your cup at any time.

IMPORTANT: you can only return the same number of cups that you have paid for with your wristband.

If you did not find the answer to your questions about the venue, please contact us