Anna Calvi

Sunday 14
Starts at 20:00:00
Razzmatazz 2
Anna Calvi

The biggest one since Patti Smith

We have reasons to celebrate: Anna Calvi is the potence turned into music, a river of passion that cut through the music industry and won the heats of her fans with powerful guitars.

‘She’s the biggest one since Patti Smith’. This statement was made by Brian Eno when Calvi had only released one single. It seemed quite forward, but time has proven him right.

The comparisons carried on for a couple more years (‘She’s the new PJ Harvey’, for instance). But now she doesn’t need to be compared with the great stars of the past. Anna Calvi is herself and that’s enough.

We’re happy to have her live. It’ll be the next 14th October in Sala Razzmatazz 2. See you there!

Set times:

  • 8:00PM: door opening.
  • 8:00PM: DJ Jordi Chicletol.
  • 9:00PM: Anna Calvi.

Ticket price is €20 (in advance) or €25 (ticket booths).