Exquirla (El Niño de Elche​ + Toundra) (Cruïlla 2017)


Flamenco, post-rock and poetry, in the most powerful combination of the year

It had to happen sooner or later. For years, Toundra have been wreaking havoc in a more destructive and ferocious brand of instrumental rock, while El Niño de Elche is the voice of an unorthodox and iconoclastic flamenco; as much improvised around the images of Val del Omar’s experimental cinema as it is an electronic rave. These are restless names, destined to cross paths. The collaboration developed into a project christened Exquirla, and has produced the album Para quienes aún viven in which El Niño’s lyrics burn on alongside the stormy electronic landscapes provided by the group from Madrid.

To listen to Exquirla is to shiver with poetry and sound, and we can only dream of the racket that this fantastic alliance will be able to create on stage. We will be ready and waiting at the festival.