Information about Cashless Wristband!

About the refund of the remaining amount on the wristband

If you created your personal account and always topped up online, you should know that the amount remaining on your wristband has already been refunded to you automatically and commission-free. If the remaining amount was less than €2, it has been donated to Clowns Without Borders.

Click here to access or create your personal account:

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* If you registered in previous years, use the same password. If you don’t remember it, please click on “Forgot password?”

The cashless wristband, the payment method at Cruïlla!


When you arrive at the Cruïlla Festival and show your ticket, we will give you a cashless wristband, which you must wear throughout your stay at the festival.

This wristband is your “key” to enter and leave the festival and also the only accepted payment method at Cruïlla. It is linked to your personal account, where you can top it up.

How does the cashless wristband work?

Before the Festival:

  • Create your personal account. You will have to link your ticket following the steps displayed on the system. IMPORTANT: If you have purchased more than one ticket of the same type, it will be necessary for each attendee to create their own personal account with their email address.
  • Once you have linked your ticket, you will be able to top up money into your account and it will be charged in the wristband that we will give you when you get to the festival.
  • In addition, as this year’s new feature, you can also book gastronomic menus at a reduced price when topping up your wristband. You can pre-book menus until Tuesday, July 5 at 11:59PM.

During the Festival:

  • If you run out of credit, you will be able to top up as many times as necessary, always through your personal account. There won’t be physical charging points at the festival. If you have any problems, there will be staff ready to help you.
  • Each time you make a payment inside the venue, you can ask how much money you have left on your wristband. You can also check this information at any time in your personal account.

After the Festival:

  • The money left on your wristband after Cruïlla will be refunded to you automatically and commission-free a few days after the end of the festival. If the remaining amount is less than €2, it will be donated to Clowns Without Borders. If you don’t want to donate, you only have to top up more than €2 before the end of the festival and then the refund will be made in full automatically.



To reduce queues and waiting time, if you have a Friday or Saturday day ticket or a Weekend Pass, you can pick up your cashless wristband at the Parc del Fòrum on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th from 5pm until 10pm.

You will only be able to pick up your own wristband, which we will put on your wrist when you show your ticket and you will have to wear it until you leave the venue on the last day.