Smart Wristband

Information about your smart wristband’s refund

Form for requesting the return of your wristband’s money

– If you did not register your wristband before the festival and topped it up directly there, you can ask for the refund with this form. Remember that you will need your wristband’s number. This form will be active until July 27th.

If you registered as an user and topped up your wristband with credit card on our website or App, the refund will be made automatically within the next few days. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL OUT THE FORM.

If you have any problems, you can contact us through the email address


The smart wristband at Cruïlla Barcelona: The festival’s new and unique payment system.


With the cashless payment system and option to top up your balance in advance, you can avoid queues and purchase items when you get to the Festival without having to pass by the booths first. 


Register as a Cruïlla user, credit money to your balance from home and avoid all the initial queues when you get to the Festival: it will be ready for purchases as soon as you get there, without having to go to the booths.

We will explain the process step-by-step:


– Visit the Cruïlla website and register as a user. Register Here
– Link your account to your entry ticket to top up with money. You can do it using your credit card. If you choose the Auto-Top Up option, you can top up directly at the bar without going through the booths.


– Exchange your entry ticket or voucher for your wristband
– Your wristband is now your wallet. If you have previously topped up your account, the balance will be immediately available to spend. If you haven’t got around to doing it, you can do so via the App or make your way to one of the booths and top up the balance on your wristband with credit card or cash.

You can top up your wristband as many times as required: 

– With Auto-Top option, directly at the bar.
– With cash or credit card at the booths.
– You can also do it via the Cruïlla App.
– You can use your wristband for purchases made at the bar, market and food and merchandising stall.


– We will refund any monies that you have not spent, with no commission.
– If you have registered as a user and topped up with credit card, the refund will be immediate and automatic the week after the festival.

Otherwise refunds are available at the booths, up until 4 am. You can even request it after the Festival by using a form that is available on the website until July 27th.

Got it? Then let’s begin!

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