Smart wristband

Smart Wristband: the only payment system of Cruïlla Festival

With the cashless wristband payment system and the option to top up your balance in advance, you can avoid queues and purchase items as you get to the festival, without needing to go to the booths first!



Register and top up your wristband:

  1. Register your user HERE. IMPORTANT: even if you registered in the past, you will need to sign up again.
  2. Link your ticket with your account. IMPORTANT: every ticket needs to be linked with a different user and email address.
  3. Top up your balance with a credit card.

If you registered before the festival, you will be able to use your wristband as soon as you get to the venue and, after the festival, we will automatically refund the money that you did not spend.


When you arrive at the festival, we will exchange your ticket for a wristband, which will become your wallet.

You will be able to pay at the bars, food trucks and merchandise booths with your band.

If you haven’t topped up yet or you need to top up again, you can do this in 2 different ways:

  1. Via our website or our app.
  2. Making your way to one of the booths and topping up with credit card or cash.

If you registered and chose the Auto-Top Up option, you will be able to top up directly at the bars without going through the booths. If you choose this option, you will need to top up the same amount that you chose in the first place every time you top your balance up.


Once the festival is over, we will refund all the money that you did not spend. The procedure varies depending on how you topped up:

  1. If you have ALWAYS topped up through the website or the app, you don’t need to do anything. The remaining amount will be automatically refunded within 48 hours after the end of the festival, commission-free. Keep in mind that the amount may take up to 7 business days to be effective in your account or card.
  2. If you topped up at the booths of the festival, you can get your money back in two different ways:
    * At the cashless booths in the venue. On Wednesday and Thursday you will be able to do it until the end of the last show of the night. On Friday and Saturday, you will be able to request your refund until 4AM. This refund is commission-free and in cash.
    * Filling a form you will find on our website between July 11 and July 21 at 23:59PM. In this case, a 1.5€ management commission will be charged and the refund will take a few days to be effective in your account or card. IMPORTANT: you will need your band number, so please remember to keep your band once the festival is over.


– Please keep in mind that all the money that you top up at the booths will need to be refunded at the same booths or using the form on our website, even if you previously signed up on the website or through the app.

– If you ask for a refund at the booths in the venue, the amount will be refunded in cash.

– The money that you received as a present or promotion cannot be refunded.

Got it? Then let’s begin!

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