Aspencat (Cruïlla 2017)


The Valencian group is going out with a bang with their best live songs

It’s been more than 10 years since ASPENCAT made their stage debut – a decade of rhythmic recognition and reshaping of dancehall and dubstep sounds. However, the group from Marina has decided to call it a day and go their separate ways this year, splitting up for an indefinite period of time. With that in mind, this is sure to be an “adios” to remember: a massive party with a revamped live performance which will lean towards authentic reggae without losing the power of electronic, distortion and deep sounds.

ASPENCAT’s Cruïlla performance will therefore be a unique opportunity to join them in chanting out the spirited tunes that have made them one of the big names in Valencia. A look to the past from the present, while thinking of the future. As they say, “everything is now”.