Cruïlla de Tardor

Caravan Palace

Friday 22 November
Razzmatazz 1

The biggest swing party of the year

Caravan Palace is not only a group near to musical perfection, but also one of the most danceable groups ever seen live. A swing band who create frenetic beats on stage, while Zoé Colotis leads, sings and dances her feet off. And, even when you have been dancing for a while, you can’t stop moving until she stops performing.

We found out about her contagious rhythm at Cruïlla Festival 2015 and Cruïlla de Tardor 2016. And we want more, because we already miss their energy. You can’t dance their music without a smile and their live performance is a life celebration.

Caravan Palace comes back to Barcelona on November 22nd at Razzmatazz. With Parov Stelar‘s permission, we think that it will be the biggest swing party of the year. It’s clear that all swing lovers will be there, but anyone who loves a good party should join this experience.

Set times:

  • 19:30h: gate opening
  • 20:15h: guest artist (to be confirmed)
  • 21:30h: Caravan Palace

Get your tickets for the Caravan Palace show here:


Caravan Palace it’s said to merge Django Reinhart and Daft Punk in one band. And this is the most exciting feature of this French group: their combination of vintage and electronic music.

But their last single, Miracle, comes closer to funk and gets away from swing. It’s a tribute to fertility. With one of the classic animated videos of the band, a modern sound and a bass line you can hear in a loop during a whole day.