Dorian Wood (Cruïlla 2017)

Dorian Wood

Dorian Wood’s incredible voice will leave everyone with goosebumps

Born in Los Angeles from Costa Rican descent, Dorian Wood is like a wizard of hypnosis, an emotional rollercoaster, a solid, head-on one on one with all the world’s prejudices.

With a unique skill in mixing genres – from dark pop to Bulgarian folk – and able to channel artists as intense as Nina Simone, Scott Walker, Swans and Chavela Vargas, his concerts have the ability to make you feel such a dramatic tension – white-knuckled within your seat – to the point of tears, and from tears to knowing looks that end up in bursts of laughter. And in the intermission, come over for a group hug and tear down the walls with the clapping of your bare hands. Pure emotional therapy. And with a little luck, you’ll end up diving deep within yourself, uncovering things you didn’t know before.