Cruïlla Primavera 2022

Fuel Fandango

Friday 11 March
Starts at 21:00
Doors 19:30
Razzmatazz 1
Fuel Fandango Cruilla Primavera

Fuel Fandango at Cruïlla Primavera 2022

So close to flamenco’s age-old palmeo rythm yet so close to the urban rhythms that have emerged in the last years, so close to the seguiriyas and martinetas yet so close to R&B, dancehall and electronics. The authors of this irresistible musical fusion are Nita and Ale Costa, and they are Fuel Fandango.

Fuel Fandango starts with an ‘F’, which could well stand for folklore, flamenco or fusion. Their initials are ‘FF’, which could also stand for fast forward. And that seems to be exactly what the group is doing: edging traditional music into a distant and futuristic horizon.

Fuel Fandango has given a meaning to the concept of ‘avant-garde folklore’. And with songs like Despertaré or Huracán de Flores, the Canarian-Andalusian duo made it clear that they want to continue experimenting with their mesmerizing genre mixes. But always, of course, with flamenco as the main ingredient of their exquisit recipe.

We cannot put into words how it feels to witness the genre-mixing experience that is Fuel Fandango live. If you want to become one with their folklore, your best chance is at the Cruïlla Primavera, next March 11th at the Sala Razzmatazz.

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