Cruïlla 2021

Fuel Fandango

Saturday 10 July
Starts at 23:00
Fuel Fandango

Fuel Fandango: avant-garde folklore to dance to!

As close to the centenarian palmeo flamenco as to the urban rhythms that have emerged in the last ten years, as close to the seguiriyas and the martinetes as to R&B and dancehall. The authors of this irresistible fusion are called Nita and Ale Costa: they are Fuel Fandango.

Fuel Fandango is spelled with ‘F’, like folkloreflamenco and fusion. ‘FF’ also stands for fast forward, the button to rewind the music forward. And it seems that this is precisely what the band is doing: pushing traditional music towards a much farther future horizon.

Fuel Fandango have given a new meaning to the concept ‘avant-garde folklore‘. Come to Parc del Fòrum and see them live next summer: the band will be at Cruïlla Festival for the first time in their history.