Friday, July 5 at Festival Cruïlla

DJ Amable

Friday 5
Starts at 03:30:00
Cruïlla Enamora
DJ Amable

An iconic DJ in Barcelona!

DJ Amable began his career as a professional DJ in 1985 at the legendary Dipòsit Legal in Hospitalet de Llobregat. Currently, he is known in Barcelona as the resident DJ of Razz Club, Razzmatazz’s main dance hall.

On July 5, 2019 he will bring all his experience at the turntables to Cruïlla, to close the second night of the 10th edition of the Festival in an unforgettable way.

Before dancing to Amable’s session, your ticket for Friday 5 will allow you to enjoy the performances of artists like Garbage or Bastille, and many more yet to be announced.

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After playing in Barcelona clubs such as Compliche, Bikini, Final or After Hours, Amable founded Sala A Saco in Hospitalet, in 1991. There he established himself as a reference DJ in alternative music, and in November, 1994 he moved his club to Sala Zeleste in Barcelona, until its closure in 2000.

Once it reopened as Sala Razzmatazz, he left aside the management tasks to focus on the turntables. Currently, he combines his residency there with sessions in different clubs in Barcelona.