Cruïlla 2021

Coque Malla

Saturday 10 July
Starts at 20:30
Coque Malla Cruïlla 2021

Coque Malla at Cruïlla Festival  2021

We were dying for one of the most iconic musicians in our country. We were dying for the leader of Los Ronaldos. We couldn’t live without hearing No puedo vivir sin ti at Cruïlla. That’s why we called the only one who knows how to do it: welcome, Coque Malla!

A great expert at creating intimate moments and then shaking us in the face with a guitar, Coque Malla is both a rock legend and a love song artisan. Because he has enough authority to do it all, and he knows how to do it very well.

Coque Malla is back on stage with a new live show that covers hits and B-sides from his solo career, great classics from Los Ronaldos and new stuff, such as Calma and El Crac Universal.

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