Myles Sanko + The Excitements

Friday 19
Starts at 20:00:00
Bikini Barcelona
Myles Sanko + The Excitements

Black music night at Sala Bikini!

Myles Sanko, the new star of soul-jazz

Myles Sanko defines himself as an author that enjoys creating. There’s no doubt about it: he composes, he writes the lyrics, the rhythms and the melodies. He designs his own album covers and records and edits his own video clips.

Myles Sanko arrives in Barcelona as the new British Soul-Jazz sensation. He’s been working with the same musicians for years. They know each other, they love each other and they have fun playing together. That’s why their concerts are a guaranteed success.

Hip hop rhythms and jazz fusions? Tick. Soulful lines with violins and cellos? Also tick. On October 19, come to the Myles Sanko + The Excitements concert at Sala Bikini, because artists of such a high level are a rare find.


The Excitements, enter the time machine with the best soul and R&B

A journalist once wrote that The Excitements could have been born in Memphis in the mid-sixties, have recorded with the Motown record company and shared a line-up with James Brown in a sweaty tour around the United States.

We’re lucky that The Excitements are right here, right now: a band from Barcelona brings us the best of the most deeply-rooted black music. This is soul through and through, without concessions.

There’s a powerful rhythmic structure: on top, there’s the roaring of the guitars and the howling of the metal instruments, but at the summit there’s just one queen: the voice of Koko and her hypnotic movements.

Set times:

  • 8:00PM: door opening.
  • 8:30PM: The Excitements.
  • 9:45PM: Myles Sanko.

Ticket price for both concerts is €25 (in advance) or €30 (ticket booths).