El Petit de Cal Eril (Cruïlla 2017)

El Petit de Cal Eril

Joan Pons’ project returns to Cruïlla with its latest mysterious work

 What is La Força? By listening to the album that El Petit de Cal Eril has named after and dedicated to this abstract concept we could say that, in a roundabout way, La Força is everything that we cannot see or touch, but that still affects us in a profound way. This logic turned Joan Pons towards the jubilant extraversion of La Figura del Buit, where he took refuge in a cabin in the middle of winter to develop this intimate and mysterious work in which we can make out subtle aromas of stark psychedelia.

El Petit de Cal Eril’s live performances make this concoction a special and uplifting experience, which transcends any prescribed form or enclosure, transporting the spectator to a dense forest where the wisest and most humble voice in Catalan folk music acts as our guide. Although, we suppose, it could also be La Força.