July 13th at Festival Cruïlla

Gilberto Gil & Amigos: Refavela40

Friday 13
Starts at 21:15:00
Time Out
Gilberto Gil

Brazil in its purest state!

Everyone on your feet, because we’ll be in the presence of a legend of Brazilian and world music. Ladies, gentlemen, behold the master: Gilberto Gil, founding member of the Tropicália movement which rejuvenated Brazil’s music scene, and friend and collaborator of great names such as Gal Costa and Caetano Veloso, with whom he worked with again recently to celebrate the golden anniversary of their fruitful friendship.

Gil’s career boasts sixty splendid albums, adored by the public and rewarded by a handful of Grammy Awards. There have also been an uncountable number of concerts which have taken him all over the world to showcase his exquisite talent and crystalline voice, enabling him to adopt new sounds and ideas which have kept his work alive and invigorating.

All this has made him a true music ambassador, driven by a firm conviction in the transformative power of culture. So, let us insist once again: having Gilberto Gil at Cruïlla is a real honour that no one should miss out on.


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