Riba Rossy + Paula Bonet

Thursday 4 July
Starts at 19:00:00
Centre d'Arts Santa Mònica

Against posing, two thoughtful voices on social media

Two illustrators with one purpose: get rid of fear and social barriers. Through their drawings, they turned painting in the strongest weapon to fight for women rights. And, on July 4th, they will talk about using art with social purposes at Cruïllla Talks.

Raquel Riba Rossy

She is the creator of one of the most iconic feminist characters in Spain: Lola Vendetta. A rebel and non-conformist female comic character who talks about delicate topics such as period, romantic love, toxic relationships and maternity.

The main purpose of Raquel Riba Rossy is questioning all those habits imposed by society. She wants to end the invisibility of women, break the female social chains.

And to do so, she talks about her own story. She digs deep into her own scars and analyzes her own experiences. From the bullying situations that she witnessed to her experience as a congress hostess. Everything is a source of inspiration.

Paula Bonet

“I don’t believe in the art uncommitted with the social context”. With these words, Paula Bonet sums up perfectly her artistic career.

She is an illustrator and a writer and her work distils reality: it’s human, it’s homely and it doesn’t worry about political correctness. It’s easy to get related with her art because she explores life without taboos.

In fact, her last illustrated book, Roedores, breaks the taboo of spontaneous abortion as a tribute to her two unborn children. This experience made her change her usual work method: instead of making an “intellectual and bibliographic research” to theorize about her art, she focused on her own life.

  • Talk between Raquel Riba RossyPaula Bonet.
  • Time and place: Thursday July 4th at 7PM, at Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica.
  • Duration: 60 minutes + viewers’ questions.
  • Ticket price: 2€ donation to the NGO Proactiva Open Arms.