Cruïlla Primavera 2022

Shoda Monkas

Thursday 24 March
Starts at 21:00
Doors 19:30
Shoda Monkas Primavera

Shoda Monkas at Cruïlla Primavera 2022

Those who thought that the new urban music genres had retired hip-hop could not have been more wrong. For rap is more alive than ever and it’s not thanks to nostalgia, but to fresh rappers like Shoda Monkas.

Gabriel Díaz, AKA Shoda Monkas, has been on stage since he was 15. In 2018 he took the leap with his first album, Paz Feelin’s, and since then singles like Salud, Bubblegums or Bnb have kept him always on top.

After collaborating with musicians like Kaze or Hens and selling out in different cities, Shoda Monkas is already preparing a new album. And, as the occasion deserves a tour, we couldn’t resist: Shoda Monkas will perform in Barcelona on March 24th, as part of Cruïlla Primavera. See you at Sala Wolf!

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