Cruïlla XXS


Wednesday 22 June
Starts at 21:00
Doors 19:30
Poble Espanyol
Wilco Poble Español

Wilco in concert at Poble Espanyol, Barcelona

The pleasure of buckling an old jacket, of taking the first sip of a beer, of seeing one of your favorite bands take the stage. When the five senses work together to make us feel good, words fall short. Luckily, we have music. Luckily, we have Wilco, a band that makes us feel that inexplicable pleasure. And we have the live premiere of their latest album, Ode to Joy, in Barcelona. Literally, an ode to happiness.

After over two decades of history, 11 studio albums and a few Grammy awards, Jeff Tweedy returns to Barcelona with the whole band. The wait to see Wilco has been long: it’s been more than five years since we’ve had them at home, so we’re going to welcome them with double the enthusiasm.

The little pleasures are back. The concerts are back. Wilco is back, on June 22nd at Poble Espanyol. Are you back?

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