Carnival in Barcelona

Discover the best Carnival in Barcelona!

Cruïlla’s Carnival in Barcelona arrives at the Hivernacle del Poble Espanyol on February 9th and 10th with an eclectic musical programme, one that oscillates between the Balkan sounds by Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar and the Italian electroswing of The Sweet Life Society.


But our Carnival is not only about the music! This celebration nourishes from a great number of characters and traditions that have turned it into the funniest and most awaited event of the year. For this reason, today we want to let you know all the details of the best Carnival in Barcelona:

Carnival proclamation

The Carnival party begins with the reading of the proclamation, the one and only valid law during the celebration. A call to debauchery, to a world turned upside down, against the statu quo and, in our case, an ode in in favor of culture, the only thing that can make us free.

Master of ceremonies

David Piñol becomes our own private Baró de la Boira (Baron of the Fog), a character that will guide us through the night so we won’t miss any details of the celebration. But please be careful: dancing is his vice and his main virtue, if you try to keep up with him you may end up with broken bones.

Masks and costumes

One of the identity signs of Carnival all around the world is the mask, which allows us to cover our faces and let our true personality come out. An element so deeply associated with this party that has become the image of the Cruïlla Carnival poster: an enigmatic face observes us hidden behind a colorful mask.

And, of course, we cannot forget about the costumes! Becoming a different person for one night might land you a prize: at Carnaval del Cruïlla your creativity will be rewarded.

Very soon we will let you know all the details about the costume contest we are preparing and the prizes you might win.

Brass Band

Carnival is a popular party, a celebration in which people let their inhibitions aside and mingle with the ones that surround them. This essence extrapolates to the brass bands and their music: Ska Circus Brass Band will stroll among the public and the musicians will be close… very, very close.

“Taronjada”: balloon fight

History books say that, centuries ago, battles with oranges were one of the main attractions of Carnival in Barcelona… until the Consell de Cent banned them for their violence.

At Carnaval del Cruïlla we wanted to recover this tradition in a more festive way, but keeping the essence: our Baró de la Boira, with the invaluable help of DJ Carnestoltes Rex, will give way to a battle of giant orange balloons.


Carnival is a period that lies between the family gatherings of Christmas time and the austerity and abstinence that characterize Lent. That’s why during Carnival everything is permitted, and among the excesses of the party we can also find the gastronomic ones: omelettes, egg sausages, pork rinds and endless feasts are part of the tradition.

Here at Cruïlla we give great importance to the culinary arts, for this reason in our Carnival you will find the following food trucks and delicacies:

  • Giros: omelette pinchos.
  • Rock’n’raola: ecologic Catalan sausages.
  • Comaxurros: churros with chocolate.

Get carried away by this gastronomic debauchery!

In Carnival, anything goes! Do not miss the best Carnival in Barcelona!