Clean the air, get contaminated of tons of music

Choose your sustainable way to come to Cruïlla Festival

The air we breath is contaminated. And the abusive use of vehicles is one of the main responsibles.

Cars and motorcycles emit gases involved in the greenhouse effect, a problem that is becoming more important every day. Actually, Barcelona is one of the cities in Spain most affected by nitrogen dioxide emissions. And a 39% of them come from ground transportation.

But this is not only an issue within our borders. The environmental contamination is a global concern. And Cruïlla Festival is also worried about it.

Our festival is focused on music and art, but also on sustainability. Because any creating process needs fresh air and, without creativity, culture can’t evolve.

That’s why, from Cruïlla Festival, we want to recommend you 3 options to come to Parc del Fòrum in a sustainable way:

Sharing a car

Why would you travel alone in a car if you can gather a group of friends, turn the music on and come to Parc del Fòrum singing the best hits from Cruïlla’s artists? You will have much more fun and, more importantly, the environment will thank you for it.

But you don’t need to use a private car. Some apps, as Ubeeqo, allow you to rent a car by minutes. And it’s proven that, environmentally, sharing a rented car has the same effect than 15 private vehicles!

Public transport

But there is the chance that you don’t want to drive a car… for any reason! Luckily, Barcelona has an extremely effective public transport network. And, also, it’s a cheap option.

You can come to Parc del Fòrum using different metro and bus lines, apart from the TRAM. And, if you come from outside Barcelona, you can use Rodalies de Renfe.

Electric vehicles

But if you want to come to the Cruïlla Festival using the most ecological option, you can use an electric vehicle. Zero emissions, zero impact and tons of fun and good music. Can you think of a better combination?

You can come to Parc del Fòrum using your electric car or feel the fresh air on your face with an electric bicycle or motorcycle, renting them with apps like Scoot. Any choice is a good choice when the environment wins.

There is a lot of ways of turning Cruïlla Festival into a sustainable festival. But to achieve it we need the help of one of our main pillars: our audience.

We are used to hear: “one person can change anything”. But now we have a unique chance. If we can join our voices to sing the greatest hits of our favourite artists, we also can coordinate to reduce the polluting emissions on our way to Cruïlla Festival.

We need to give more years of life to our planet to enjoy more editions of Cruïlla Festival!