Cruïlla, the easiest festival to share with your family

Cruïlla is a festival that can be enjoyed during both day and night in many different ways. It is a chilled festival, with no crowds or pushes, and this makes it an ideal festival to enjoy with your family.

We will not fill the Fòrum venue to its full capacity, because we want to have space to move in every situation.

Moreover, in Cruïlla you will find many different extramusical activities for the entire family, as well as gastronomical areas.

This is why we say that Cruïlla is the easiest festival to share with your family. Because it is easy to bring your children and enjoy a safe and fun experience.

To make it even easier, the minors aged 15 or younger do not need to pay for a ticket in Cruïlla, provided that they access with they father, mother or legal guardian.

If you wish to learn more about our policy on minors, read the practical information on Cruïlla 2o18.

Happy Cruïlla!

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