This is the image of Festival Cruïlla 2018

Today we want to show you the corporate image of Festival Cruïlla 2018, which will take place on July, 13th and 14th at Parc del Fòrum de Barcelona.

Cruïlla is a quality festival, both in the musical line-up and in the services offered. Optimistic and full of light. A festival that takes place by the sea, in which you get to enjoy the colors of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cruïlla is an inclusive and close festival, in which everyone has a place. Artisan, made with love by the whole team. An energetic festival, in which you will live a weekend full of emotions.

And Cruïlla is also ART, in capital letters.

The corporate image of Festival Cruïlla 2018 conveys all these ideas through its color palette and using the golden section as the guiding thread: this proportion can be found in all elements of nature.

The golden ratio has been applied in art since the time of the Greeks, and our marketing team got his inspiration in this universal rule to give birth to the corporate imagen of the 2018 edition of the festival.

This poster is just a small appetizer of a much larger universe that we will be unfolding in the next few weeks… And, of course, very soon we will let you know the full line-up of artists and bands of the 9th edition of Festival Cruïlla.

Enjoy the harmony and proportion of the image of Festival Cruïlla 2018.