Introducing Cruïlla XXS

Less is more: Hi, Cruïlla XXS!

We’re all in the mood for Cruïlla. But, for safety and conscience, this year it will be different.

Cruïlla XXS is born, so small and yet so big. Today we introduce it to you and explain it to you.

Fewer headliners, more artists

The current situation temporarily limits the possibility of seeing big international headliners, but it is also an opportunity to discover the enormous potential of home grown talent. And we will discover it indeed: we’ll see more than 200 artists.

But not only on a musical level: at Cruïlla XXS we will enjoy dance, theatre and circus shows. We will also have a laugh with comedians from the Comedy series and reflect on the ideas of the Cruïlla Talks lecturers.

Fewer people, closer than ever

Cruïlla XXS events will be limited to 400 people, and we like to see it as an opportunity to get closer.

While we can’t hug each other, we want you to connect better than ever with songwriters’ music, with the poetics of lyrics, with theatre and dance, with everything that touches us better in a small format.

Fewer stages, more spaces

Cruïlla XXS will not take place in a big enclosure with plenty of stages, but in a series of iconic spaces in Barcelona.

Poble Espanyol, the gardens of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya or the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau are just some of them.

Less hours, more days

Cruïlla XXS will not be an event packed into a few days and many hours. It will be a cycle that will last throughout the whole month of July 2020 and will be with us while we slowly go back to normal.

We will normalize the consumption of cultural activity, which is not only an important part of the economy, but also a social good that we must preserve. And we hope that, when the month of August arrives, you will feel that you have enjoyed more live music and arts than any other summer.

Less is more: hello, Cruïlla XXS!