no callem

One more year, we won’t keep quiet!

At Cruïlla Festival, we want everyone to enjoy in their best way, that everyone is free to relate, move and express themselves in the same conditions. Al Cruïlla, we actively reject any kind of sexual violence.

That is why this 2019 we will participate again with the protocol We won’t keep quiet!, a campaign against sexual assault and harassment in night-time leisure venues and festivals.

We won’t keep quiet! protocol encourages free and non-violent relationships so that everyone can enjoy the party with joy.

Thus, we adopt preventive measures and all Cruïlla Festival staff are trained to be able to detect and distinguish sexual harassment or assault, how to guarantee the freedom of everyone to enjoy the party, how to act in the case of an aggression and to provide assistance to the person assaulted respecting her/his will.

We won’t keep quiet! protocol is an initiative of the Barcelona City Council that was launched a year ago and is a pioneering measure in Spain.

If you want more information about it, here is the full protocol detail.