Some reasons to hop on Cruïlla’s new bus

Do you want to go to Cruïlla but you live far from Parc del Fòrum? Did you think of driving to the festival but you’d like to have more than two beers? Do you refuse to hitchhike to preserve some sort of personal dignity?

There’s no need to worry! Now you have Cruïlla BusUp, an easy and comfortable way of going to the festival and back.

It’s very easy: Go ahead and enter the Cruïlla & BusUp page. Take a look at the available routes and choose your favourite one. No route stopping close to you? You can suggest a new route and people will join it!

Need more reasons to hop on the bus? Here you have some…

?⚡Because, no matter where you are, you have a direct connection with Cruïlla Festival

??? Because you can go to a festival with more friends than can fit in a car

?? Because you don’t need to choose a teetotaller that will drive you all home

?? Because you always meet new people on a bus

?? Because, when it’s late, you only want someone that will take you home

?♻ Because it’s easy, eco-friendly and collaborative