Why do we still believe in Cruïlla 2021?

When we talk to our friends, family or partners, it seems hard to argue that we are preparing a music festival for the summer of 2021. Because we have been living in this daily uncertainty for a year now, which makes any plan for next month seem like a utopia. So why are we still working on Cruïlla 2021? And, more importantly, why do we still believe in it so strongly? 

We think it is important to explain the main reasons that lead us to imagine a large-scale festival in July. Because, in uncertain times, arguments are twice as valuable. And because it is not enough for us to visualize it, we want you to believe in it too so that we can make it possible together.

In 2020 we were an example of eagerness, tenacity, rigour and self-improvement. With Cruïlla XXS we demonstrated that it is possible to keep cultural activity alive while being rigorous with health protocols. We proved that live culture was not the cause of the spread of Covid-19, that our activity was safe and, thanks to that, culture went from being the first one to close to becoming one of the last activities to be locked down when the risk increased again.

This journey has led us to be in contact with health experts, to collaborate with the authorities in our country and to promote, together with other major festivals, the concert that will allow 5,000 people to dance and jump without social distancing on March 27th. During Love of Lesbian’s performance at Palau Sant Jordi, it will be safer to be in the audience than walking down the street because everyone in the audience will have had a negative result in a rapid antigen test. We will create what is known as a “sanitary bubble“. One year after the beginning of the confinement, we will enjoy a concert as we used to do before for the first time.

We are and will be rigorous, we will not put anyone at risk, we will work with the support of experts and authorities, but we are confident that this summer we will create a sanitary bubble in the Parc del Fòrum that will allow us to offer a music festival in the same conditions, or very similar, to those we enjoyed before Covid-19.

This year, at Cruïlla we feel twice as fortunate for the audience we have. 95% of you live in Barcelona or travel from different parts of Catalonia. And we know that most of you are not only looking forward to seeing big international stars, but also have an interest in homemade music and are willing to join forces to bring the live culture of our country back to life. 

All this has lead us to announce you new artists today. And we want to thank all of you for keeping your Cruïlla 2020 tickets, as well as those of you who continue to buy tickets in such uncertain times. Without you, none of this would make sense.

Last summer, Cruïlla XXS was a great example of civility, in which we showed that there are ways of doing culture safely. This summer, we will go one step further and prove that we have the right health protocols in place to get back to dancing, singing and hugging in complete safety.

We will live a special edition in an exceptional moment, which we will surely remember for the rest of our lives. 

Are you looking forward to Cruïlla?