Personal Account 2021


This is your PERSONAL ACCOUNT page.

To access the festival, it is ESSENTIAL that you create your PERSONAL ACCOUNT, which will help you:

1- Book and pay for your antigen test/s
2- Receive and consult the results of the antigen tests. You will also receive the result in the email you use to register this account.
3- Top up money to your cashless wristband, which will be the only payment system at Cruïlla*. The remaining balance will be refunded to you automatically and commission-free during the week after the festival.

Recàrrega online

In the form we will ask you for the barcode of your ticket. You must write it in full. If your Ticket has the $ symbol in front of the digits, write it as well.

(On some operating systems you may not see the form above. If this is your case, please login to your personal account from HERE)


For health reasons, this year the possibility of topping up your account will NOT be offered at the venue, neither with cash nor with a credit card. All topping up must be done online from any mobile device, accessing your personal account. At the time of making the payment of the test or making the first top up, we recommend that you validate the option: Save payment method, to facilitate the top up at any time.