Cruïlla Village

Live the Cruïlla Festival to your own beat

Cruïlla Festival has always used music as a source of inspiration. And which music makes us feel emotions? The one that suprises you. The one that has unexpected elements, that experiments with sounds and reinvents melodies.

That’s why Cruïlla has always tried to surprise you, to be diferent, to reinvent itself.

That idea is the seed of Cruïlla Village. The Village is the perfect complement to make you live a all-round experience, apart from the concerts. It’s our small town where you can walk around, found other Cruïlla fans and have fun all the time.

Because you have different options to have fun. Many options.

  • You can get emotional with Fura dels Baus and get excited with the graffiti artists. Or go crazy and jump insanely while you follow the marching bands. Or stand under the giant figures of Antigua i Barbuda and think about how big is the world and how small are we.

  • Also, when the sound of your belly gets louder than our sound system, you have a lot of food trucks around the Village to choose from. With different kinds of food and dishes for gluten-intolerant people, vegans and vegetarians. And if you want to complete your gastronomic experience, you will found wine, sangria and champagne to achieve a perfect pairing and coffee and frappé to have energy for hours.

  • But if you want to feel the tension of a real competition and become the champion among your group of friends, there is nothing better than the gaming area. You can also turn into a boxing, paddle surf or skate professional going to the VR area, brought by OneFit.

  • And if your main worry is having the best look from Cruïlla Festival, we also have different areas for you: free makeup sessions and a hair salon to complete your overall look.

Because Cruïlla 2019 is built by a lot of people and our sponsors contribute to complete your experience. So make sure you visit all their stands to enjoy all the activities from the Village: