FAQ Cruïlla de Primavera 2020

Minors at Cruïlla de Primavera 2020

Due to the limited capacity of the venue, all minors must buy a ticket to enter the venue.

Minors 16 years and older may enter the venue without authorization by purchasing a ticket. Children up to 15 years old (included) must enter the venue accompanied by the parent or legal guardian.

When entering the venue, different documents must be presented depending on who accompanies the minor:

  • In the event that the parent or legal guardian is accompanying the child, they will have to present an ID card and legal documentation that confirms the relationship with the minor.
  • In the event that the accompanying person is not the father, mother, or legal guardian, they should present an authorized signature from the parent or legal guardian, together with a photocopy of the parent or guardian’s ID card and family log book.
  • In both cases, the person responsible for the minor must sign a document releasing the Festival’s liability. This document will be available at the entrance of the venue, or you can also download it on this page (see below).


You can download the waiver of liability document here.


Changing the name of the ticket holder

According to our ticket policy, the tickets will be refunded only in the event of a cancellation of the festival.

If you cannot attend the event, give your ticket to someone you trust. 

The resale of tickets is forbidden, and the organization is not responsible of tickets purchased through unofficial sales channels.


Conditions of access and stay

Access and stay in the Festival venue implies the unconditional acceptance of the present conditions of access:

1. You can only enter the festival venue with the corresponding ticket. The ticket should be complete and in good condition. Any ticket which is amended, broken, or with evidence of falsification shall authorize the Organizer to deprive its bearer access to the premises.

2. The organizaation does not guarantee the authenticity of the ticket if it has not been purchased at one of the official points of sale. The resale of tickets is not permitted. The festival organization assumes no responsibility in the event that the ticket is lost or stolen.

3. The ticket gives the holder the right to enter and exit the venue upon indication from the organization. In order to leave the venue, you will have to present the correct ticket and allow the security team to put a stamp and/or bracelet of reentry on a visible part of your hand. In order to reenter the venue, it will be necessary to present your ticket again as well as the stamp and/or bracelet that was given to you by the security team.

4. You are not permitted to enter with drinks, containers, or any objects that the organization considers to be dangerous or harmful.

5. The law prohibits the consumption of narcotic substances or drugs. It is your responsibility to comply with the law.

6. The sale of alcohol and tobacco to minors under 18 years of age is prohibitted, in accordance with the current legislation.

7. The entrance of animals is not permitted.

8. SLR cameras and video cameras will not be permitted in the venue.

9. Upon entrance to the venue, you may be filmed and photographed by the organization, and these graphics and/or audiovisuals may be used by the organziation with the sole purpose of promoting the festival. In the event that the you want to withdraw this authorization, to the festival organization, you can do so in writing with an official letter to the following e-mail: festival@cruillabarcelona.com; or to the following mailing address: C/Pujades, 77 2n 7a 08005 Barcelona.

10. The organization reserves the right to refuse admission.