Cruïlla Primavera 2022


Saturday 26 February
Starts at 21:00
Doors 19:30
Razzmatazz 1

Delaporte at Cruïlla Primavera 2022

Drugs are not the only ways to awaken something in our brains. Sport, sex, a bar of chocolate and a head massage can generate similar effects without the need to go through a hell of a hangover. Delaporte has a similar effect: listening to them triggers endorphins and when a song is over we don’t have a hangover, we feel like we want to conquer the world.

Delaporte just makes us want to indulge in hedonism and give it all on the dancefloor. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do on February 26th, the day the duo from Madrid arrives at Sala Razzmatazz and makes their debut at Cruïlla Primavera.

Come sing and dance to the electronic pop that triggers our pleasure receptors, for all the hangover that will remain will be absolute bliss.

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