Festival Cruïlla 2022


Saturday 9
Starts at 18:45
Cruïlla Enamora

Don’t miss this trip: Depedro at Cruïlla Festival 2022!

In Malasaña’s bars, the sound of a guitar was heard as he embarked on a journey destined to travel around the world. Although Depedro drinks from the Mediterranean essence and Spanish classical culture, his music has travelled a long way, and receives inspirations from wherever he has gone, from Latin America to Africa and the United States.

This project by the Madrid-born Jairo Zavala was created in Tucson (Arizona) in 2008, with the band Calexico, of which he is the guitarist. Since then, and after five albums such as El pasajero, Casualidades and Depedro, he has toured all the continents and has collaborated with artists from all over the world. This identity with so many multicultural impulses has given Depedro a unique and very special stamp.

Next Saturday 9th July, Depedro arrives at Cruïlla Festival. 2022 to transport us with his guitar to any corner of the world. Don’t miss this journey!

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