Saturday, July 6 at Festival Cruïlla


Saturday 6
Starts at 03:30:00
Cruïlla Enamora

An affair between indie and electronic music

Him, electronic music. Her, guitars. Him, organization. Her, spontaneity. Him, technique. Her, passionELYELLA‘s success lies in the balance that exists between Ella and MØNØ, s halves of this duo.

With their instinct for the dance floor and their ability to spread their enthusiasm to the audience, it’s only natural that ELYELLA have become the favorite DJs of Spain’s indie scene. And this summer we will have a great opportunity to dance to their foolproof formula at Cruïlla.

Come to Cruïlla to see ELYELLA. With your ticket for Saturday, 6 you will also see the live shows of Kylie Minogue, Years & Years and Parov Stelar, among others.

Buy here your Saturday ticket or, if you’d rather live the whole experience, get the full festival pass.


Complementary like yin and yang, like alpha and omega, every time that ELYELLA get to the stage or to the DJ cabin, they play the love story between pop and synthetic textures; an eternal and never ending tale, told through explosions of rhythm and melodic waterfalls, remixing hits, rediscovered jewels and the increasingly incontestable repertoire of the couple’s own productions.